You Run The Risk Of Weeping A Little If You Let Yourself Get Tamed

Put your ear

To the mouth of a seashell

And hear the laughing

Of the ocean.

Good and true friends

Are what makes the Earth

Rotate on its axis.

Gaze at the night sky

And you will find

The love-light

Of your ancestors.


Not So Random Prose From Yours Truly: Installment One

When I was a young boy
living in that cul-de-sac on Fairway Road,
I used to pretend that I had an underground base
(accessible from my own yard, of course)
and could call upon my own private army.

I always had some grand mission to accomplish,
and at the end of it,
I always had somewhere to come back home to.

I was a real loner
as a kid.
I guess that’s why
I got so used to
using my imagination.

(Is it any wonder
that I’d cry myself to sleep
if I hadn’t seen
my brother in a while?)


I see the maps in your eyes-


They lead me across continents of grace…


The lands of your soul, rich in beauty-


Then over mountains of earthborn innocence,

Flowing, uninhibited, like lava,

And then cooling to form the brilliant stones






Defying all glory in explanation,

They soak me in deep, brown love.

You’ve Got The Love

I looked up in the stars tonight

And saw you glinting there.

How is it

That someone can be

So perfect?

(I’m learning

That there is such a beauty

In variation.)

It’s like

You leave the door to your heart wide open

And I can just come in

Lay down

And nestle there.

Your gaze alone

Brings warmth to tired bones.

You’re the kind of person

That I could hug

Ad infinitum

Never needing more

For the rest of my life.

Oh, I could die a happy man.

An Infinite Bliss

In dawn of daylight’s dream

We played amidst the gleam

Of that bright winter morning.


Grey grizzle gleamed

With arms outstretched

And eyes that laughed a thousand ages louder

Then what was seen in such a tiny frame.


Laughing, gliding, falling

Then lifting up with love

And hands with healing balm

To soothe the backs of beauty

And thus the burdens bear.


Then quietly we sat

When azure lightning skies

Pierced deep into my heart

And with admiring gaze

I heard the voice of God.


Oh, how I wish today

That such a comely vision

Had not yet passed and gone

But was an infinite bliss.

Breath of Life, Face of Beauty

Your eyes, they strike with lightning

They dazzle me with blue-

And then, a calming sea of love

Flows ever out from you-


Just when I get my moorings

In fairest skin’s delight

Your smile sends me overboard

In finest, purest white.


Nobility, your presence

What privilege is mine

To bask there in the beauty

Of a dignified Divine.

Atəş Eyes

Your fire brown eyes

Marauded me

Across desert lands of feelings

And I was soaked

In richest red

As earthy as was Adam

And opened was my soul


To the sweetest smiling spirit

That fire

Burns the soil

Of your dynamite gaze

And yet somehow

Is contained

It’s like

I finally know

What Zoroaster saw

In the


A Song For Ashton Blake

I did not know

What it was like

To run with him

Among the marigolds


The brooding lake

In backyard’s paradise

Or comfort of the blanket-fort

When stormy winds arose


But one thing I do know

Is love cannot be bound

By age or station


It crosses the horizon

Of time

And life’s short passing


The thin veil we call death

Is just made thinner yet

By sweetened memories

Of youthful escapades

A movie in the night

A church bell and the choir


A brother’s warm embrace.


Hold him now,

Never letting go

Of what you always have




Each other.