An Infinite Bliss

In dawn of daylight’s dream

We played amidst the gleam

Of that bright winter morning.


Grey grizzle gleamed

With arms outstretched

And eyes that laughed a thousand ages louder

Then what was seen in such a tiny frame.


Laughing, gliding, falling

Then lifting up with love

And hands with healing balm

To soothe the backs of beauty

And thus the burdens bear.


Then quietly we sat

When azure lightning skies

Pierced deep into my heart

And with admiring gaze

I heard the voice of God.


Oh, how I wish today

That such a comely vision

Had not yet passed and gone

But was an infinite bliss.


Breath of Life, Face of Beauty

Your eyes, they strike with lightning

They dazzle me with blue-

And then, a calming sea of love

Flows ever out from you-


Just when I get my moorings

In fairest skin’s delight

Your smile sends me overboard

In finest, purest white.


Nobility, your presence

What privilege is mine

To bask there in the beauty

Of a dignified Divine.