I see the maps in your eyes-


They lead me across continents of grace…


The lands of your soul, rich in beauty-


Then over mountains of earthborn innocence,

Flowing, uninhibited, like lava,

And then cooling to form the brilliant stones






Defying all glory in explanation,

They soak me in deep, brown love.


You’ve Got The Love

I looked up in the stars tonight

And saw you glinting there.

How is it

That someone can be

So perfect?

(I’m learning

That there is such a beauty

In variation.)

It’s like

You leave the door to your heart wide open

And I can just come in

Lay down

And nestle there.

Your gaze alone

Brings warmth to tired bones.

You’re the kind of person

That I could hug

Ad infinitum

Never needing more

For the rest of my life.

Oh, I could die a happy man.